Monday, September 7, 2015

Review Leather Conditioner by Leather Shines - Revive Your, Good leather conditioner

A couple of days ago. I search for information on the Leather Conditioner by Leather Shines - Revive Your Warn Sofa/Couch/Furniture, so i would like to describe here.

Leather Conditioner by Leather Shines

USA Made for over 50 Years Directions 1. Before using on entire product always test on a small area. 2. Prepare leather for conditioning by gently cleaning the leather with mild soap and warm water (not too much water). 3. Once completely dry massage a thin even coat of conditioner using a clean cloth in a circular motion. 4. Allow to dry 1 to 2 hours wipe off any excess. 5. .... Read more or Check Price

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Leather conditioner glossy leather-we had a leather chair that was given to me by a good friend who said has room for it and I felt like I had some take it as .... by BGoose

Good leather conditioner. Darkened my skin for a few days then went back mostly to the same color. Every skin is different. by Optimistic shopper

Since my son amp father just rebuilt his bike this came in handy for multiple pieces of leather. Easy to follow directions works great no residual grease. by Tigger7

I love this stuff I bought so many products to clean the leather seats but nothing has worked like this. It doesn't leave a scent and a little goes a long way by P Williams


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